Vanessa Pridige Professional Make Up Artist Vanessa Pridige Professional Make Up Artist Image © Yvonne Blume Having a professional make up artist on your wedding day is not a luxury it is essential.  Many brides opt to spend a small fortune on designer shoes and underwear and do not invest in professional make up. What will you be looking at in years to come? Your photographs and your face will be in every one of those, not your shoes!    Everyday make up just wont cut it. I have included photographs of real brides that have not been edited (digitally altered) for you to see the quality of my work up close. Many leave booking an artist to the last minute, others see it as a priority. A good artist will be able to get the balance right, you will be moving from daylight to artificial light in the evening. You will be photographed  but also be greeting your guests close up. You need an artist who can accommodate all these variables into your make up to ensure you look stunning at all times. Did you know that even the time of year makes a difference to the make up you wear ? Winter and summer light reflects differently off of the skin. Vanessa is highly sought after for bridal make up and has a reputation for really listening to her brides ideas, creating individual make up that not only looks good on and off camera but lasts all day and evening without touch ups. 07984 677488